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Specialty introduction
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About twelve lee

Puyang city twelve fast-food chain co., LTD., established in lee2003Years4Month14Day,Is a Chinese style restaurant chain brands,Heart is to change the leather industry,The high quality rice skin to consumers to create distinctive value experience,Put a bowl of rice so respected products。

Li 12 main:M、Liangpi、The meat clip buns、Malatang、Potato powder、Oil spilt surface such as the public like love is given priority to with shaanxi flavor of Chinese fashion products。

We uphold“Children eat food with my parents,Sincerely for your present health products”The concept of products,Strictly selected high quality fresh food every day,Allow customers to enjoy a safe and more at ease;We have“Continuous striver creation happy life hand in hand”The corporate mission,Hope every one is willing to follow twelve lee home…

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In my mind,everyone shall have his own dream.I think that having a dream
Our service
Our Service
Only do delicacies,Focus on brand chain,Easy to process,Hosting type open plan,All-the-way tracking service。
  • The head office in the country
  • Founding the shop
  • No.3 shop
  • Beijing store
  • Puyang Oriental garden shop
  • Puyang company store
  • Puyang front shop
  • Shandong linqing shop
  • Hebei large shops
  • Dengfeng, henan shop
The phone:400-822-8912
The mailbox:lseyy@126.com
Url: http://www.caikatong.cn
Store address:Puyang city dimness and changqing road intersection
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