Dynamic company
The dynamic of the industry

Henan silver and gold for the new material co., LTD. Was established2010Years,Is located in xinxiang of henan province,The company is focused onPETGHeat shrinkable materials and functional thin film series development and production of enterprises,At present, the company has two business sector,Are functional polyester raw materials and a variety of functional thin films,The company has a number of national invention patent,One of themPETGHeat shrinkable materials can be applied to polyester heat shrinkable film、The strength of polyester filament and other types of polyester plate、Sheet, etc;Are ShiJian12.75Ten thousand tons of functional polyester new material project,The total investment plan3.5One hundred million yuan,The first phase of current capacity1.5Ten thousand tons of new functional polyester materials polymerization device has been built,And in2017Years9In production。In addition,Henan new silver and gold