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Guanghan, sichuan province outstanding flavor industry co., LTD

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Food new position Seasoning in excellence

Guanghan, sichuan province outstanding flavor industry co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of spice co., LTD,It is the predecessor of chengdu outstanding food co., LTD,Was built in2003Years06Month25Day,2014Years11Month19Registration renamed“Guanghan, sichuan province outstanding flavor industry co., LTD”,The registered capital500Wan。The company is located in guanghan, sichuan province new town industrial park,Adjacent to the world-famous“Sanxingdui”The site、Beijing road、High-speed into cotton,Double line into cotton、Source avenue,The transportation is convenient,Regional advantage is obvious。After the company all staff of more than 10 years of common struggle,The company's performance,For the healthy and benign development。

At present,The company covers an area of20Mu,The construction of modern standard factory building10000Square meters,The office building2000Square meters,The worker150More than one,With full automatic packing line8The article,Compound seasoning production line3The article,Advanced production equipment,Process maturity level,Product testing means complete……
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Excellent taste20The years continue to grow stronger,Now has about30000㎡The standardization、Scale、Modern garden factory,A large number of introduction of science and modern production equipment and technology,Have advanced automated chicken compound seasoning production line、Special halal food production line、Sichuan flavor seasoning base line, etc,Increase its employees200More than(Technical talent proportion20%The above)...
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4Big core strengths Your trust of choiceTraditional techniques and compound seasoning clever confluenceOur Advantage
  • For many years focused on condiments Accumulate strength

    Service more than the national brand catering enterprises,
    Successfully sold throughout the country Won numerous brands catering enterprises
    Recognition and praise

  • Modern facilities perfect

    With standardization、Scale、Modern garden factory
    With advanced automatic compound condiment production line

  • Rich product line Combining with catering enterprises

    Research and development production of various kinds of compound seasoning sauce and sichuan
    Provide custom、Stick a card processing services
    Meet the demand the catering enterprises

  • Chef consultant Professional research and development innovation team

    20Years of industry experience r&d team
    Brand catering enterprises chef technical consultant team
    The development of achievements,Quality guaranteed

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  • Dynamic company
  • The dynamic of the industry
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